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2024 South West Squad Announcement

7 Mar 2024

Squad for the Inter-Regional Championships

The South West Squad has just been announced for the Inter-Regional Championships being held in Birmingham at the Utilita Arena on 5-7th July 2024.

Huge Congratulations to the following BTA members for being selected to the South West Squad:

  • Jack Powell

  • Beth Hudson

  • MV

  • Jacob Tucker

  • Oliver Coles

  • Ollie Purchase

Please read all the following information from the Regional Organisers regarding the squad training, kit, fees and the competition itself:

  • We are now on a tight time schedule and we would appreciate it if you could, as a club, confirm your competitors acceptance of their place on the team - So PLEASE LET SIMON OR PETRA KNOW ASAP IF YOU WISH TO TAKE UP YOUR PLACE IN THE SQUAD

  • Entry fees:  £55 for trampolining - a £10 fee per competitor should be made to Petra for these fees - SWAGA will pay the rest of the fees ie £45.

  • There will be further information regarding kit in the next couple of days, but we would ask you to take this time whilst you are waiting to gather sizes/orders - so we have attached the sizing guide for you to work from in the meantime - below. Please give your sizes to Petra.

south west kit sizes 2024
Download DOCX • 1.42MB

  • Requirements:  As a SW Team Member you must attend the following:

    1.      Sunday 21st April:  SW Team Squad day will be held at Poole Trampoline Club - it is very important that you attend this day.  This gives you the opportunity to meet your squad coaches and for them to meet you and get to know your needs.  A SW team chaperone, Sam Poldichuk,  will also be there for you to talk to.  We will be holding a Parents Meeting during your child's slot (usually 10am - 1pm or 1.30 - 4.30).  At this meeting we will explain how the weekend operates and what will be expected of the team/parents/coaches.  We will let you know which slots your performers are in and the information regarding the training day nearer the time.

    A team photo in full competition kit will be taken on the 21st April at Poole so please make sure that your order has been delivered and given to the competitors by that date.

    Competition (your child will either be competing on Saturday 6th July or Sunday 7th July).  There will be orientation on the night before your child competes - this will ensure that they get to know the venue, the equipment they will be competing on, where they should be and when.  From many years of experience it is very important that they attend this session.

    VERY IMPORTANT! Please check that have BG Silver membership

    2.      Friday 5th July - SW Orientation if your child is competing on Saturday 6th (usually from aproximately 2pm –  but obviously to be confirmed). 

    Please find attached a letter that you may give to your school to confirm that they are attending this event during school hours ie to attend the orientation on the Friday.

    3.      Saturday 6th July - SW Orientation if your child is competing on Sunday 7th July (usually from approximately 5pm after the Saturday competition has finished –  but obviously to be confirmed). 

    The South West Trampoline/DMT team will have a full coaching team of 12 coaches and at least 1 chaperone who will be responsible for looking after the competitors from the moment they enter the building until they are given back to parents.  Kim Vickery will be Team Manager on Check In and will be the first port of call when they enter the building.  Half of the coaches are old hands at being SW Coaches and work very hard throughout the weekend to look after the children and guide them through the weekend.  

regional team finals school letter 2024
Download DOC • 780KB

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