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Competition Dates, Results and Information

Competition Dates:
29/10/23       Club and Regional Cup Qual 1         Bath University RESULTS CLICK HERE

2/12/23.        Schools Regional Competition         Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton RESULTS CLICK HERE

21/1/24.        Schools Zonal Finals.                          Worthing Leisure Centre Closing date 15/12 RESULTS CLICK HERE

28/1/24.        Club and Regional Cup Qual 2          Bath University Closing date 13/12 RESULTS CLICK HERE

25/2/24.        Club and Regional Cup Final              Bath University Closing Date 1/2 RESULTS CLICK HERE

16-17/3/24   Schools National Championships.    International Centre, Telford RESULTS CLICK HERE

7-9/6/24.  English Qualifier 1.                                   International Centre, Telford closing date 24/4

18-19/5/24   FIG Age Group Qualifier 1                   International Centre, Telford closing date 5/4

22-23/6/24.   FIG Age Group Qualifier 2                  International Centre, Telford closing date 10/5

5-7/7/24        Inter-Regional Finals.                          Utilita, Birmingham SOUTH WEST SQUAD HERE

12-14/7/24.  English Qualifier 2.                               Birmingham University closing date 29/5

3-6/10/24.     FIG Age Group Finals                           International Centre, Telford closing date 23/8

3-6/10/24.     British Championships                        International Centre, Telford closing date 23/8

18-20/10/24.  English Championships                     International Centre, Telford closing date 8/9

2025 Competition Dates

9/2/25      Club and Regional Cup Qual 1                 Bath University

9/3/25      Club and Regional Cup Qual 2                 Bath University

30/3/25    Club and Regional Cup Final                   Bath University


 To see the results from 2022-2023 season please click here

To see the results from 2023-2024 season please click here

British Gymnastics Regional Cup Qualification and Selection for South West Squad:

Qualification Scores:

I'd like to confirm the qualification scores that gymnasts need to achieve to gain qualification to the Club and Regional Finals (February).

TRAMPOLINE - Cumulative execution score across both exercises to meet or exceed 27.5

Qualification to South West Team 

First place on the team will be the 1st placed gymnasts at the Regional Finals competition (25th February 2024)


Second place on the team will be the top ranked gymnast over the two qualifiers (October 29th 2023 & January 28th 2024)


Gymnasts being selected as the second-place gymnast on the team must also qualify to and attend the regional finals event (February).


British Schools Gymnastics Rules and Routines 2023-2024

British Gymnastics Rules, Routines 2023-2024

Range & Conditioning Images

Range & Conditioning Information

Most of What you need to know - Competition Format and Information



British Gymnastics Competition Pathway 2023-2024:


Please click here to link to the document

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